Sunday, 29 November 2015

Saturday and Sunday 28 - 29. November 2015

On Saturday I went to the Christmas Market, to look what German Christmas look like. It was really interesting.

You can buy winter clothes there, food, different jewelry, dishes and much more. They sell ginger biscuits, but you are not allowed to eat them(only after Christmas). Also I have tasted famous Glühwein( hot red wine), it wasn't bad, but not my kind of drink. Also have tasted Feuerzangenbowle (rum-soaked sugar loaf is set on fire and drips into mulled wine). There were also Finish honey, sold by a Finnish guy.

On Sunday I, Saija, Miina and Emilia went, with Mr. Udo, to another village to experience another Christmas Market. I have tasted a white Glühwein there, it was better then red. 
On our way back Mr. Udo stopped a car in front of on family house whom are famous in Bamberg for decorating their yard with Christmas lights.



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