Friday, 13 November 2015

Third week at work 9. - 13 November 2015

My Third week at work

Had started to work on the homepage for Administartor24. Mr. Toth and other workers were giving me comments on HOW they would like to see their webpage.

I have tried different Themes. Struggled a lot, because felt a lot of responsibility for this assignment. Have tried to do the proper website all week. Sometimes Mr. Toth, Mr. Reimche and Mr. AƟmann looked at it, and mostly they liked what I have made. 

Also helped Mr. Reimche with redacting one school homepage.

Went to the hairdresser, it was almost like on Finland, except prices and service. When I payed and was about to leave hairdresser helped me to put on my jacket, it was unexpected.

Film night. Went to the cinema on Tuesday to see Spectre

Film night

At the hairdresser

New homepage?

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