Friday, 6 November 2015

Second week at work - 2. - 6. November 2015

My second week at work.

It was really cold outside on Monday and Tuesday.
Have met other worker Mr. Roth. Mainly have worked on website for MalTroBau - GmbH this week; my knowledge in coding have helped. Went to the school  with Mr. Toth and Mr. Roth to install 4 projectors. On Wednesday morning, has presented  to Mr. Toth what I have made. He liked what I have made, of course he asked to change some things, but mainly he was satisfied. He shaved my and Mr. Reimches' websites to the client, unfortunately to me client preferred Mr. Reimches' website, but I'm really happy that I had such opportunity. 
Also have changed the picture with they partners on their website(duplicate), and after that, they have decided, that they need to remake their website compliantly. 
Once again when end of the week had come I have asked Mr. Schröder (supervisor from school) if I could stay in Administrator24 for my whole on-the-job-learning time. I might stay, didn't received a specific answer from Mr. Schröder.

On Friday decided to go to the center. Walked there a bit took some pictures enjoyed the view and some ice cream. =) Also found a really nice tea shop(I love tea). So this trip was nice. 

Also went to the Kik-store, which is located next to the Lidl, it's a very chip shop...and you can find almost everything in there.

Cold mornings 

My page for MalTroBau 
Making changes on page via WordPress

On our way to school

 Friday "trip"


They have enormous amount of different teas

Bought some tea

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