Friday, 11 December 2015

Seventh and last week at work 7 - 11. December 2015

My Seventh and Last week at work

I was still working on Administrator24 Homepage, was trying different fonts for logo text. Also correcting send forms. And in the end of the week the whole design process was complete, now the site needs only text. Also explained to Mr. Reimche have to support this web page, because it's gonna be he hope going to support it from now on(I can't do it from Finland)

It was Mr. Toth birthday on Tuesday. One of the workers brought cake for him.

I got a free day on Thursday. Went shopping, and at the evening went to Mr. Toth's "neighbors" party, he also was collecting donations for the kindergarten (who were willing). 

On Friday was my last day.
The Learning Agreement was singed and Mr. Toth was quiet happy with my results, so he also wrote me an Reference for my future job applications. It was very nice of him. 
Said my farewells to everybody and in the end of the day I left. I had a very weird feeling, that on next Monday I'm still gonna come to Administrator24. It's sad when you understand that it isn't the case. 

After I left Administrator24 I went to the city to buy some presents for my friends and family.

On Saturday 3 other girls left to Berlin I decided to stay in Bamberg. 

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