Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last week at Bamberg

My last week at Bamberg was sad and joyful at the same time, because I were leaving Bamberg and returning home.

Went to the school on Monday, meet Mr. Richter, we talked a bit and decided to met up on Wednesday, so that Mr. Shcröder also could be present.

On Tuesday girls came back from Berlin. One of the girls gave me a "Gryffindor" socks, it was very nice of her))

On Wednesday went to school on bike and left it there( it was Mr. Richter's bike). Met Johannes in front Secretary office, decided to meetup before I leave Bamberg; he also gave me a small present. 

Met Mr. Richter and Mr. Shröder in the teachers room, they were very pleased that I successfully accomplished my tasks at Administrator24 and enjoyed my stay in Bamberg. After that I also met the principal of the school. 

On Thursday morning I met up with Johannes, we went  to the bakery.
On Thursday evening we planed a farewell dinner with girls and our supervisors. It was nice, we met up in the old brewery, talked about our plans for the future. After it ended we had time before the bus, so we went to the bar.

Friday, the day we left beautiful town - Bamberg. 
We cleaned the flat, putted our last peaces of cloth in the our luggage. Wen the flat owner came, Andreas he checked the flat, everything was okay. He also told us that we are hes last costumers, that he is selling the flat.

We took to flights like the first time, from Nuremberg - Munich - Helsinki.
Our second flight was delayed. 

I very much enjoyed my internship in Bamberg, it's amazing and beautiful town. I thank everyone who helped me to get there and everyone who helped me during my stay there. 

Happy to be home, but sad that I left Bamberg.

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