Friday, 23 October 2015

Tuesday and Friday 20. - 23 October 2015

Tuesday 20. October 2015

Went to the school, have meet Mr. Richter, he showed me school; he introduced me to Mr. Schröder, who will be my "boss" at the school, he also made a small excursion and introduced to me more school staff. He also gave me a laptop, so I could work on it.

The school

I also got a bike from Mr. Richter. After that we went to the city to find me sim-card for my phone. We got the card in the Aldi shop and Mr. Richter called Mr. Udo and told him, that three other girls also can get the same cards.

I'm very glad that I got a bike, it helps a lot.

After I got the sim-card we went back to the school. I met Mr. Shröder and he told me a bit what I'm about to do in the school. Basically I will spend the rest of the week at school, and after that I will go to some company, after that I will return to the school again; probably will spend some time at school, and then again will go to some company. We will see in the future how it goes.

Other girls also got the bikes, they will pay 1€ per day, so 60€ for whole stay here.

Everyone were very nice and friendly. =)

Wednesday 21. October 2015

Went to the school, it started at 8.30. It isn't so far from the flat, about 2 km.

Mr. Schröder gave me a task to find out how osTicket works and install it on VirtualBox, so particularity it shouldn't be hard, but still a had some problems and didn't manage to install it.

Work room
After the school went to by some food, and get a bit lost...

It wasn't scary at all to be there, I'm very exited about this opportunity that I'm given.

Also Mr. Schröder gave me a key from doors (work-, teachers- and toilet room), that I could walk around the school without him, because he isn't always around.

When I finally got home, was to tired to walk around the city.

Thursday 22. October 2015

I can't take the key from school, so each morning I take it from secretary, and in the evening give it back to her.So I got the key and went to Work room.

The whole day I was alone.

All four of us decided to go out  to the city. There was a lot of people, like RALLY a lot of people. The beer we tasted wasn't good.

Outside the "main" crowd

Friday 23. October 2015

Got to school - got the key. Went with Mr. Schröder to the teachers room, he needed me to run a update on all of teachers laptops, and also to change some other staff to (hard to enplane). Basic stuff, which needed to be done.

Doing updates on teachers computers

So after lunch he told me that whole next week I will spend at the company Administrator24, and I can decide:
Stay at the Administrator24 for two weeks, or come back to school after one week, and do some other stuff. 
For now we agreed on one week.
The company Administrator24 is 9 km from the place where I live, it's outside the Bamberg; with my speed it's about 40 min to get there and 40 to get back home.

After that came Mr. Righter and took me to one IT class, with the students who are on their second year. It was okay, they did the same things we did last year (I also was a second year student).

On my way home got to the bakery and bought some...

At evening we walked a bit around the city center. 

Saw a really beautiful sun set today

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