Friday, 30 October 2015

First week at work 26. - 30. October 2015

My first week at work.

It's located outside the Bamberg in the village Bischberg.
It takes me 45 min to get there and 35 min to get home, I'm so lucky to have a bike, it helps a lot. Work always started and ended at 17.00, except Friday it ended at 15.00. 

I have met my boss Mr. Toth and other workers, Mr. Reimche and Mr. Aßmann. We work in the Mr. Thot own house; so he have work place downstairs, and he and his family live upstairs.
Mr. Toth cannot speak English fluently, so Mr. Reimche is the one who

"helps" me. They gave me my own workplace, which is nice. 
To my surprise Mr. Reimche lives almost across the street from my house, so we ride home together. 


My work space

This week I have installed XAMPP(X(any of four different operating systems), Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl)) and WordPress computer that I was given. Also accompanied Mr. Toth to several places, like orphanage, were we changed the RAID and then on the second morning cheeked RAID:s work state via computer. Also went with Mr. Toth to the school; they had problem connecting to the internet. We were there until the end of the workday.
Mr. Reimche disassembled one old computer and told me to put it back together. After that he said that I need to install software. Installed Debian 8; tried to install LAMP(Apache, Mysql, Php) on computer, that I would be able to install OsTicket on it later on. Had some problems with doing that.I have managed to install osTicket, but not on Linux, like I wanted, but on Windows.
Mr. Reimche was "building" a gaming PC for a client, it was really interesting to watch.
Mr. Toth had showed me how to plug wires in to the internet socket, there was two ways to do it:

  • More older one, but cheaper.
  • Newer version and simpler, but more expensive.

On Thursday talked with Mr. Schröder about the opportunity to stay at Administrator24 for one more week; mentioned that Mr. Toth wasn't against it. Mr. Schröder said that he would talk to them.
On Friday Mr. Schröder informed me that I can stay for one more week at Administrator24, I'm happy, I like it here. Mr. Toth said that he doesn't mind if I want to make my own projects (like installing osTicket), but he wants me to make a website for a company named MalTroBau - GmbH, with WordPress(an actual website that he can use and sell). I got material, pictures, text and other. I have made a bit on Friday, but will continua next week. The whole thing excites me! So, for now I have left my Debian 8 project. 

I decided to go to the Bamberg old city on Friday, because the workday ends earlier than on the other days. 

So far I can say that I really like it here in Bamberg. I like the place where I live, like the weather, and the German people, they are so friendly and social, love it.  

Changing RAID at orphanage
It was really misty on Tuesday

Network plug: Old way
Network plug: New way

Putting PC back together
Putting PC back together

At school
At school

Gaming PC

My Debian 8 project
osTicket on Windows

Login in to the WordPress
WordPress "inside"

Dom Cathedral
Dom Cathedral from enside

Rose Garden...without roses

Bamberg's library

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